Đề thi Anh Văn - Vị trí GDV vào TienPhongBank (TPB) 20-1-2013

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Đề thi tiếng Anh – vị trí GDV – Tienphongbank
Tổng số câu: 15 trắc nghiệm + 3 tìm lỗi sai + 1 bài Reading 12 câu
Thời gian: 30 phút; Ngày thi: 20-1-2013

I – Choose the word that best completes the sentence
  1. All employees are encouraged to _________  a percentage of their earnings to the retirement fund
a)      Committed
b)      Commit
c)      Commitment
d)      Commiting
  1. I’m going to call the bank manager ahead of time to make certain that she will ________ a personal check to start a new account.
a)      Accept
b)      Accepted
c)      Acceptance
d)      Acceptable
  1. There is a counter in the bank lobby where customers can ________ their documents.
a)      Signing
b)      Signed
c)      Sign
d)      Signature
  1. These _______ must be completed before the close of business today
a)      Transactes
b)      Transacting
c)      Transacted
d)      Transactions
  1. All the employees will benefit if the company’s ___________ continue to increase.
a)      Profited
b)      Profitable
c)      Profits
d)      Profitably
  1. The ________ figures for the next quarter will not be availble until a week from tomorrow.
a)      Project
b)      Projected
c)      Projection
d)      Projects
  1. Our business experienced a ___________ fall in profits during the third quarter of the year.
a)      Typical
b)      Typically
c)      Type
d)      Typed
  1. Economics ____________ the science of choice
a)      Are
b)      Which is
c)      Is
d)      And
  1. There are now ____________ methods for studying color vision in infants than there once there.
a)      More sophisticated than
b)      Much more sophisticated
c)      Much sophisticated
d)      Sophisticated
  1. __________________ the news from wars zones is inevitably censored.
a)      Although much of
b)      Assuming some of
c)      Much of
d)      Many of
  1. Who generally constitutes a one-person household?
a)      A single man in his twenties
b)      A elderly man
c)      A single woman in her late sixties
d)      A divorced woman
  1. According to the passage, married couples whose children have grown or who have no children represent
a)      331/3 percent of households
b)      20 percent of households
c)      7 percent of households
d)      3 percent of households
  1. __________________, Hong Kong acts as a gateway into and out of the Republic of China
a)      Strategically located
b)      It is located strategically
c)      Where strategically located
d)      Because located strategically
  1. The firm’s _________ studied finance and business administration
a)      Account
b)      Accounting
c)      Accounted
d)      Accountant
  1. After months of study and research, the ___________ decided to put this money into new facilities and materials.
a)      Investor
b)      Investment
c)      Investing
d)      Invested
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